Karel Mollen, the Last Falconer (book)

The Karel Mollen Foundation, Uitgeverij Lecturis-Dato and Coch-y-Bonddu Books will publish in 2021 the book:

Karel Mollen, the Last Falconer

Authors are Joke Peels-Mollen, Ingrid-Molenaar-Peels (photography), Robert Peels (editing) and Sophie Peels (desk research).  The book will be published in English and Dutch.  There will also be a special edition in both languages. The book describes the life and work of Karel Mollen and his father Adriaan Mollen, falconer of the king of the Netherlands, covering the period from 1816 till 1935. In the book an overview will be given of all the pictures, furniture, tools, letters, and documents that for 180 years have been kept in the Mollen archive and partially never have been published before. The story is told with a selection from 100 years’ of books and articles,  written about the Mollens. Special attention is expected for the full addresss list and the order book 1912-1930, from which the global role of Valkenswaard in falconry will show.

The deluxe edition of “Karel Mollen: the Last Falconer” is printed on 170 gsm coated art paper bound in full leather. An exclusive print from a painting of Karel Mollen made by artist and falconer Mark Upton, is included with each copy. The English language de luxe edition is limited to 50 copies, each signed and numbered (1 to 50) by the author, plus five copies for the Mollen family (signed and numbered I to V). The Dutch language de luxe edition is limited to  20 copies, each signed and numbered (1 to 20) by the author, plus ten copies for the Mollen family (signed and numbered I to X). The  Dutch deluxe edition is sold out.

The deluxe edition in English was available at www.anglobooks.com, but they sold out.  The last copy the Karel Mollen Foundation had in stock for the market has been sold in November 2022 to an American falconer, preservationalist and writer.

New information: Due to circumstances, the Karel Mollen Foundation still  has one family copy of the deluxe edition in English in stock, with Roman number  V.  This copy can only be sold to a descendant of Adriaan Mollen.

For ordering the English hardcover edition, please go to www.anglebooks.com. People in the Netherlands can order a copy by sending an email to info@karelmollen.nl.

The Dutch hardcover edition, titled “Karel Mollen, de Laatste Valkenier” will cost € 44.95, including VAT, excluding shipment. For ordering this Dutch hardcover please send your order to info@karelmollen.nl and include your name and delivery address and specify: hardcover Dutch.